2017 – The Year of Living Courageously

3 hour Workshop

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Registration: 9:00 am

Workshop: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Cost: $75.00

Location: The Center for Love and Light

1145 Zonolite Rd NE #10, Atlanta, GA 30306

(Emory University Area – Near Kroger on Briarcliff)

Do you know that you can actually plan on having a great year and you actually have a great year?

Join me for this workshop!

2016 was a rough year for many people I know! However, there were quite a few people who had a great year and want to build on the goodness of 2016. Most of us are grateful the year is coming to a close and want to plan on a better 2017.

Let’s be proactive and make a plan for 2017!

 This workshop is the perfect thing to help you gain momentum for 2017.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wants to take back control of their lives in 2017 and also anyone who feels that they had a great 2016 and they want to maintain or increase their momentum!

People that have already expressed an interest and are signing up:

    • Those whose lives are pursuing their dreams and goals and want to maintain and increase that momentum
    • Busy moms wanting to continue to manage all that they juggle
    • Leaders (religious, community and business)
    • New business owners
    • Established business leaders
    • Nonprofit executives who want to plan for their organizations
    • Those looking for new job skills
    • Those looking to make a job change
    • Those discerning vocation
    • Those searching for meaning in work
    • Those trying to figure out how to create meaningful community
    • Students who are trying to figure out careers

This in-person workshop will help you deepen your connection with yourself and will empower you to design a 2017 that your expectations and desires.

My commitment to you is that you will come away with a plan that:

  1. Addresses the key areas of your life;
  2. Identifies the biggest blocks you are facing;
  3. Crafts the most impactful actions to take; and
  4. Teaches you how to tap into the superpower of courage to effect your plan.

Join me for this fun, yet deeply integrative workshop that helps you feel more in control of the next 12 months! You will look at yourself, and your cohorts, with compassion and new understanding!

You can give this workshop as a gift to someone you cherish.

This will be the most impactful thing you can do to set up yourself for success in 2017.

Who am I? I am a Leadership Development Coach. My practice focuses on helping my clients discern iyabo about me“the work their souls must have.” I love to work with leaders who are seeking to reconnect with their core sense of identity, values and purpose. Using a blend of coaching tools, I help leaders integrate spirituality into their leadership roles and have more balance and peace with work and with their families. This is my sacred work, the work my soul must have. What is your sacred work, the work your soul must have?

I  graduated from Goucher College (B.A.), Georgetown University Law School (J.D.), Candler School of Theology at Emory University (M.Div.) and studied executive coaching with Leadership University and Mike Jay.

Questions? Shoot me an email to – I love to answer questions. If you need to set up a time to ask me questions about it, feel free!

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