Iyabo is a leadership development coach who helps clients integrate spirituality into their leadership roles. She reacquaints you with you are at your core to help you make better decisions and find the right job, start the right business or become the right leader in your organization. Iyabo is also available for speaking engagements, brown bag luncheons and corporate workshops.

Coaching, Workshop and Speaking Specialties:

  • Vocational discernment
  • Leadership development
  • Overcoming fear
  • Balancing management with leadership
  • Career strategies
  • Meaning making for life and work
  • Integrating spirituality into work
  • Conflict transformation
  • Cultivating the moral imagination
  • Navigating scandal in the work place, i.e. divorce, legal issues

Below are current offers for individual coaching. Please schedule a discovery session to explore what would be the best fit for you.

The Clarity Seeker

2.5 Hour Session
  • The Clarity Seeker
  • You feel you need help to make a good decision on something really important to your career. You are not sure why you do not feel you can make this decision. You need clarity and safety to make this decision.
  • You come away with a clear question and tools to answer the question.¬†All phone sessions are recorded.

The Transformation

20 Hours of Coaching Over 6 Months
  • The Transforamtion
  • You are in a leadership position. You know how to manage but do you really know how to lead? You want to make sure you take care of your people. You are concerned that maybe you have some blocks that do not allow you to see and understand the competing needs of your people versus the competing needs of the organization. You need to work with someone you can trust and tell you the truth and challenge you to be your biggest self.
  • 20 hours of coaching over a six month period.
  • 60 or 90 minute recorded phone sessions as needed.
  • Unlimited email support. Brief phone contact between sessions.
  • Written strategic plan included.
  • You come away with a prototype of your unique leadership blueprint. You understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will have gained the capacity to show up authentically as yourself.

I am committed to the success of all peoples regardless of status. I offer significant discounts available for active-duty military, veterans, military spouses, the long-term unemployed, refugees and the formerly incarcerated. Please inquire.

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