Effective coaching requires a good fit between coach and client. I do not coach everyone, as you have to be primed for coaching and we have to be on the same page. My clients form a wide range of people I have coached both men and women. I have coached millennials and I have coached baby boomers. I have coached single people and married people. Some of my clients work in corporate. Some are teachers, and academics. My clients are from all over the world. The thing my clients usually have in common is that they are leaders and creative people not expressing their creativity. The core issue tends to be “I have lost sight of who I am.” They are stuck in their roles and have lost connection with their souls. This may manifest as job dissatisfaction, fear of moving forward to doing what they really want to do, getting stuck in wondering what their families would say about them if they did what they wanted to do or a diminishing sense of worthiness. I especially resonate with those that are angry with God! Love them!

I help clients reconnect with their core identity and help them pave a way from that core place, to the life they want to have in their vocation, their relationships and the expression of their creativity.

If you would like to discover if we are a good fit for each other sign up for a free 30-minute discovery session. Think about the most burning issue you have right now and put it in the comment section below and hit send. I promise confidentiality.

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