Most of my clients are clear leaders: They manage or own organizations and have many people under their supervision. However, stay-at-home moms are leaders too, you know. Most people are leaders but do not realize it. If you influence others, you are a leader. A leader is one who has vision and intention and influences others. How do I help leaders? Through “personal strategic planing.”

Every successful business engages in proactive strategic planning to ensure that the business continues to be relevant to the market place and continues to make money. However, for many of us, when it comes to our lives, we are not proactive, we are reactive. Life comes at us so fast that we can only react to the immediate crisis before us and we lose sight of what we really want for our lives.

Personal Strategic Planning helps you reconnect with the core of who you are. It helps you be less reactive and more proactive about your life. You will find yourself having more clarity and peace of mind about your life. Such clarity and peace of mind creates momentum for you to move forward and take action towards the most important aspect of your life. Your relationships become deeper and enlivened. Your job or business transforms into sacred work. Your thoughts become your friends not your enemy.

I practice spiritually integrative coaching: If you do not understand who you are, body, soul and spirit, then, you are missing a critical component of your life.

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