I get a lot of questions in my in box that people like you want answered. Questions like:

  • How do I deal with Imposter Syndrome?
  • I do not like the people I work with but I need the money?
  • How do I transition from managing to leading?
  • I work with men and I am a woman, I do not feel that they respect me. How can I change that?
  • I have a great job but I am really not happy. I am scared to let go of the status and the money. I do not know what to do. Help!
  • I do not believe I can make money being creative. What do you suggest?
  • I recently went through a messy divorce and I feel that everyone at work is judging me. How do I deal with that?

Please, go right ahead and put your question in the box below. Give me as much details. I will not reveal your information to anyone. I will merely address it, in a generic way, in my newsletter.

Thank you for trusting me with your question!

Warm hugs to you for reaching out this way!

Iyabo Onipede

Ask Coach Iyabo

Ask Coach Iyabo is a space I developed just for you.

Ask me your question. I may feature it in my weekly newsletter and share with you the wisdom that I have gleaned from many years of experience.

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